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I Define Me

Posted on: August 11th, 2014



A group of young people at Manchester Active Voices have been involved in creating and producing a film named ‘I Define Me’ ,  which explores girls and exploitation within gangs.  The film was made as part of a  nationwide project named “One of The Gang?” in which four groups of film-makers, from eight different youth projects in England were involved.

The aim of the project was to inform other young people, professionals and policy makers about issues that young people face when they are involved in gangs. Confidentiality and ethical issues were explored with the young people throughout the film making process. The young film-makers were given control over the process and content of their films, and were actively involved in the editing process which consisted of one week of intensive work.

Background to the film-making.

In September 2011. The International Centre: Researching Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence and Trafficking at the University of Bertfordshire was commissioned by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) for England to undertake a two-year research project inro the issue of gang associated sexual violence and exploitation.

The research involved interviews and focus groups with 188 young people aged 14-28 across England. The final report was published in November 2013 and can be viewed at:

The films were made due to the research team receiving additional funding  from Comic Relief, Children in Need and The Office of the Children’s Commissioner.